Training. Nutrition. Mindset.

These are the three pillars of NEO. The only three things needed to make the changes you’ve always dreamt of.
Let us help you finally achieve those fitness goals and enjoy the quality of life you deserve.

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What we do

NEO is a Functional Training community & personal training gym based in Calpe, Costa Blanca, Spain.

We offer circuit training, group weight training and personal training sessions. Our focus is on transforming bodies and mindset. All members have access to our bespoke web app delivering their personalised fitness programs.

Our core values are to make sure all our members have the correct training, nutrition advice and mindset techniques needed to help them become both healthier, stronger and happier


Zoe Batson

Zoe Batson has a history of competing in obstacle races and qualified to compete in Spain´s first Ninja Warrior. She is a firm believer that although weight loss and toning are important, building a solid foundation from an early age should be the true goal of the fitness industry.

Zoe created the Neo 360 plan and delivers classes 5 nights a week, bring her own enthusiastic and unique spin on functional fitness and weight loss

As such Zoe and Steve have created a course called Neo Life which they have been delivering with great success in a nearby school in Javea


Steve Walker has a passion for men’s body transformations having honed his skills in this field, when he himself competed and won many natural bodybuilding competitions, and used his knowledge and experience to create the T90 Program.

Steve also works as an online coach helping businessmen and professionals worldwide build their best bodies yet.

“I went from a shy unhealthy kid that lacked confidence to a strong confident man, using the exact lessons I teach on this program”

“I found that if I applied what I had learnt competing to training my own clients the results were insane!”

Paolo Totev

Paolo has been a trainer for over 10 years and is our go to leg training guy that’s why his look like tree trunks and also my second in command.
Paolo is fluent in both English and Spanish so will be working with our Spanish speaking clients when a more in depth explanation is needed. He has got a no nonsense approach to training and despite working in London with some of the best coaches out there I chose him to help lead T90 as his ability to get the most out of the guys he trains is second to none.

This also means you will be getting extra support when needed and if you’re a native Spanish speaker Paolo will be available to field any questions you have.


Our NEO app gives you access to our booking system for circuit classes, personal training and our other programmes. Not only that but we provide free training advice for you to get the most out of your training sessions.

Download our app and register to enjoy the many benefits we have to offer.