Why Creatine?


of all the supplements on the market the one supplement we would recommend no matter what the goal is creatine.⁣

The benefits of creatine include.⁣

✅ increases in strength⁣

✅ faster muscle growth ⁣

✅ allows you to train harder⁣

Research is now showing it can actually improve the body and brain regeneration during sleep…meaning you need less sleep.⁣

Concerns over creatine, are often things such as will you hold water, is it bad for your liver…the quick answer is no.⁣

The water stored is in the muscle which is a natural result as muscle grows, so will not effect the condition of your physique.⁣

How much should you take?⁣

Amounts vary but around 5g of creatine is the average and should be sufficient for most.⁣

You can take this anytime but I find 30 mins pre workout is ideal.⁣

I also prefer the kre-alkaline form of creatine as it’s easier to absorb and does not irritate the stomach as other variations can.⁣

This is why we only stock this @neofitcalpe⁣

I’ve you found this useful or would like to know more about supplements.⁣

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