Group Training

Personal training in small groups of 2 – 4  to achieve more specific body goals.  

Work with an expert coach in the gym using free weights and machines, learning all the correct techniques and the best exercises for you.

Available 3 days a week, with various times slots in the morning, afternoon, and evening

Who is this plan for?

Men or women that want the intensity and personal attention of personal training without the 1-2-1 cost.

Ideal for someone who already exercises but needs to step it up a notch

Body Transformation

Our signature 12 week body transformation specifically for men, Based on Steve Walker’s own experience competing in and winning Natural body building titles

T90 has it all. Intense 45 minute workouts 4 x week, Bespoke nutrition plans and the ongoing accountability. 

for those of you that want a strict no nonsense program which will guarantee a massive change in your body!

Who is this plan for?

Men that want to lose fat, build muscle or both.

Expect a big change 10 – 20 lbs of fat loss in the 12 weeks is the norm, but fear not if you need to bulk you can also achieve big things in 90 days due to the bespoke nutrition plans you will receive.


Personal Training

Train with one of our certified coaches to achieve your fitness goals in your own private session.

For those that prefer the 1-2-1 training experience allowing both flexibility on times and more custom workout.

Who is it for?

Men and women who have specific goals in mind and are willing to invest in the coaching and accountability that a Neo coach provides!